Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Precious

I have been wanting to taste this since last year :-D

Pistachio, coffee and chocolate Macarons

My pretty kitty Nanet and her gorgeous red wall.  This was our last meal of the day after eating eggs benedict, mussels, moroccan pancakes, baguette, cheese, cheese, cheese and more cheese! Of course all came with their respective beverage (mostly alcohol: beer, kir, red wine oh and the coat-your-tongue-hot-chocolate at Angelina's)

Don't look at me like that!!!!!!!!

(In the background: strawberry preserve, hazelnut spread, left over baguette and .... patis!)

Lovely ooeey gooey dark chocolate middle.  Had some nuts in them I think (the more the merrier!)

My other favorite: Pistachio

I'm going out to try the others, but i've been told Laduree is still the best!


  1. wow! yummy!! enjoy your vacay tita... :P

  2. thanks tita!! dami ko pang kailangan kainin! so little time!!!