Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's in a name?

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Full Name:  Renee Ross Barrientos Santos

Renee Ross

My dad's name is Renato, so they called me Renee. Ross is from Katharine Ross, an actress in the 60's I think.  I only found out about the Ross part when I was in high school.  We had a project for it in our Religion class where we had to search for the meaning of our names, and my mom told me my name isn't Renee Rose, it's actually Ross.  And that my name is pronounced "Re-ney" not "Reni" because of the song "Don't walk away Renee".  True enough when I was looking at my personal file at home where our old grade cards were (my parents are both Accountants, go figure), I saw my kindergarten grade card and there was a big "e" on top of the last "s" in the name Ross.  I thought it was a typo, but the "e" was written by a kid who wanted to be rose, but really was an artichoke.  I only started using Ross in college (legal requirement)

they call me..

RR - obviously is for Renee Ross, my family and close friends call me this since birth.  Nauna ako kay RR Hererra, and i'm a real girl.

Mama R - by my friends from UE (we all call each other Mama)... *Update there is the variation Mama Renee from my Atlanta friends. Thanks RC! I sound like a beautician :-D

Renata - an old friend of my dad saw me, and immediately the word Renata came to mind.  She just assumed that's my name.

Hardy har har - this is what my high school and college friends in UPLB call me, a variation on RR

Tabatchoy - this is what my dad calls me.  I only found out when his secretary told me how concerned he was about me, and that during lunch time he kept saying "musta na kaya si tabatchoy" (kaw talaga papa!)

Taba - short version nang tabatchoy - i'll kill you if you comment.  Si Ronald lang tumatawag sakin nito (patay sha pag nag kita kami)

Tabachi - same thing.

Pretty kitty - shared name amongst my siblings

Unggoy - old name from our dad, shared name amongst my siblings

ACSANTOSR - a big shout out to ACDJ and ACSUNICOJ

Tita - by Diane (I also call her Tita Diane aka ACDJ)

Chickee - this is what Susan calls me (she's the mother hen) - my friend in Atlanta

Ganda - this is what Sarah calls me, friend in Atlanta.  I brainwashed her.

Sick little girl - don't ask (but it comes with a dance).  Nemesis of Influenczar (don't ask)

Cow (from Cow and Chicken) - one of my sisters is the chicken.  The boneful one.

Little tea pot - also comes with a dance (Tin tin, one of my sisters best friends call me this)


Gadmader - I am the Gadmader Packer of The Mob.

.....and my favorite of all names....

Goddess - this is what my boss calls me.

** I'm tagging - Tita Diane, Anne Murray, Linelle, Nanette, Izza pots, RC, Marielle, Ronie, Weny, Marine


  1. Hehehe, ayan RC ni add ko na. Ang dami ko palang pangalan in-add ko pa ung Gadmader