Thursday, October 2, 2008


Here are my favorite people pictures

Tourist (My sister taking a picture)

Lovers (it's an old couple, Versailles, France)

Angel and Devil? (Versailles - France)

I am mighty (Versailles, France)

Kids playing in the royal gardens (Versailles, France)

Water fountain (Segovia, Spain)

Street Soccer with Grandpa (Segovia, Spain) the ball is a little blurry hehehe, it's near gramps head

Gambling (Madrid, Spain) The guys started playing cards in the resto right after lunch

Old fashioned photography near the Royal Palace (Madrid, Spain)

This guy looks like a cartoon character I can't remember who... (Venice, Italy)

Grandma stitching lace (Burano - Italy)

Grandma waiting (Burano - Italy)

Grandma by the door (Burano - Italy)

Prepping for work (Venice - Italy)

Whatcha lookin at? She looks like Martin Scorsese's mom from my Scorsese cookbook

Artist selling his wares (Venice, Italy)

Gondoliers (Venice, Italy) No one was singing

Vaporetto (Waterbus) driver (Venice, Italy) he looks like an actor on his yacht

Perriere park after school (Paris, France)

Evolution (Paris, France)

Busking in Sacre Cour (Paris, France)

People Watching (Paris, France) most of the restaurants have chairs outside ready for people watching

San Marco Tourists (Venice, Italy)

Newly weds (Venice, Italy)