Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Some of the worst things that can happen to you when traveling is:

1. A canceled, delayed or missed flight
2. Missing luggage
3. A toothache
4. A sprain

Yesterday, while we were walking to do dinner, I was aimlessly chattering away (as usual) when I was suddenly face to face with the pavement.  It took me about a minute to catch my breath and about 3 minutes before I could walk (more like hopping than walking, actually)

So for today I'll just sit at home all day, and cook for myself.  I need this injury fully healed because we're going to Hongkong this weekend, and I'll be in Singapore after that.

Macau's poor little tasty treats will just have to wait until tomorrow :'(


  1. Aw. Happens to me often. Sana gumaling agad injury mo. See you soon! :-)

  2. wawa naman tabby ko. pagaling mo yan

  3. daddy, i'm all better, mag HK na kami tomorrow heeheehee