Saturday, August 29, 2009

Polu Kai Grill

I've never been interested in going to Polu Kai Grill because, well, when trying a new restaurant, I usually go for places where the long lines are.

Last Sunday I was just really hungry, so after "working" on my SUM web based training and hanging out at A Different Bookstore, Russ and I went to Polu Kai Grill since no one was there.

Being inside the store, my immediate reaction was, "Cute interiors, but I hope this restaurant doesn't fall into the cool interior - bad food lot" and then jumped into the menu straightaway.

I couldn't see anything interesting in the starters / appetizers section so I just browsed through the main courses, when I saw Fried Lobster tails. Ooohh... which of course I ordered as appetizer :-p, then Russell ordered the Jerk Chicken for his main course, and totally not being trustful, I just ordered their Country Style Hawaiian Pork Ribs since it looked like a safe bet.

There were six (six!) lobster tails with the shell still on, all coated in yummy batter. The batter was so good, I wished the insides of the lobster had it too. It was piping hot, and fresh off the deep fryer that when you crack open the shell to get to the lobster, a beautiful waft of steam comes out. Surprisingly, after being deep fried like that, the lobster itself was still juicy and succulent. And upon opening my eyes after the first bite, I looked at the place with new respect. Hmmm... there maybe something here after all.

Our main course which came a little later, also did not disappoint. It was not the most earth shattering flavor, it was just right. But what tipped it over to the top was the fact that the damn rib was falling of the bone. Seriously!! It was also so juicy and succulent, that I was floored! Russ's jerk chicken was good as well with the jerk seasoning not overpowering the flavor of the chicken (it's hard to find the right balance with jerk seasoning). And lo and behold, even the chicken breast (which is a beast to cook) was (you guessed it) juicy and succulent.

The portions were huge as well, and I could not finish my food (which of course went to the garbage disposal also known as my brother).

There were 10 million ways to screw up the things we ordered, but they were all done beautifully, so props to the chef and the crew. This was a well executed meal and is harder than it looks. I do apologize for using J and S 3 times, but there are no other words to explain it :-p

Is it in my top 5 restaurants? No, but will I eat there again? Absolutely.


I forgot to mention they have 50% off on all cocktails (what the f?! more reason to go!!)

Polu Kai Grill
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aaahhh gelato :-)

When they told me that Amici was bought and was being franchised, I was rather disappointed, feeling that the quality and authenticity of the food will be lost.

I still miss the dim lights, bustling crowds that was Amici di Don Bosco, but having the pizza (oh the pizza) this near to our house isn't so bad :-) My only complaint that day was that they didn't scorch my prosciutto pizza enough :-) but it was lovely and chewy and oh so tasty :-) :-) :-)

And then.... right next door they managed to shock me by decorating (wildly) the humble gelato into something picture worthy :-) Oh, and the taste was awesome too :-)

Both near Greenhills East

Thea and Edwin's Wedding

August 8, 2009
Santuario de San Jose
Oasis Manila

Carla and Emel's Wedding Luau

Jala Jala Rizal