Saturday, September 5, 2009


I just got back from dinner at Seoul Barbecue and since I was with Nana Is, we decided to go to Dave's Naturals (in Brgy. Kapitolyo, near the Pioneer gate).  The place itself is at the back of that small commercial area (with Zulu grill), and you'd really be wondering if there is a restaurant at the back, but there is.

They let us taste the different frozen yogurt (fro-yo) flavors, and really, I was totally disappointed at the tasting part, but still, since we were there, we got the yogurt nonetheless. Pistachio for Nana Isay and Mango for me, since I didn't like the chocolate at first.  Then upon spying on the yogurt cake, decided to have that too.  It's supposed to be healthy anyway so two desserts shouldn't be bad right? :-p.


The actual taste of the yogurt is soooo much different with the ones we tasted, even if it came from the same container. I think it was because the ones we tasted were the top part, and it's been changed by the air in the refrigerator? In any case...

The darn yogurt cake was to die for (it had strawberry, pistachio and chocolate fro-yo), so much so that we were spooning the melted parts after plowing through it.

It's very different from Red Mango or Hobbs's frozen yogurt, since those have fresh ingredients.  This is more ice cream like, but very - very - very tasty (oh the chocolate!!).

They called the chocolate yogurt: Intense Chocolate. They weren't kidding!!

I'll go back and take pictures (soon!!)

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