Monday, December 28, 2009

Goodbye Crimson

My poor red Vaio (Crimson) died and went to heaven.  

It was the fat laden and totally bad for you Windows Vista that did it in (the damned thing kept crashing).   I could not blog for the longest time so I finally decided to buy a new laptop since getting it fixed can cost me nearly the same amount as a new laptop.

I did love my Vaio, so with the brand-spanking-new Windows 7 OS, I decided to buy...well...another Vaio, and this time, I got the NW series.

In pink.

Any thoughts on the name of my new pink laptop? My car's name is Sakura-chan (also pink, pink and burly) so that's taken.


  1. i feel for you...i also had a 5 yr old dear vaio that died early this year.. it might have been because of old age. too many complications. at first, i couldn't find anyone willing to help me coz i didn't get my "baby" here, but in the US. until i finally gave in and allowed a "non-sony certified" center to touch her. it all started out with dysfunctional keys, which lead to the lcd that needed to be replaced. it had to be ordered all the way from the states, and i couldn't afford it. that's when i decided to get myself a new one.

    good thing you got yourself a new one. :) hehehe maybe you could call her Coral?

  2. Hi butterfly! I like Coral, that's definitely a contender :-) So the Sony Centers in the Philippines won't fix them? That sucks. I got mine here in the US too :-(
    I bought the 3 year black tie protection from Best Buy with my new laptop and they'll fix it even if I accidentally let it fall on the floor or something. It also comes with 1 free extra laptop battery, so the price is really good!

  3. renee, grabe, after 2 days of reading your blog, my laptop naman crashed! i had no way of researching. the only thing i remembered was this sony vaio nw series having a blu-ray player and nice specs, so this is what i bought too haha. good thing i read your entry =)

  4. OMG! Yey! did you get the pink one too? ahahah, ang laki nang screen ano?

  5. ah nope, i had no choice but to get the last one which is brown. boxing week kasi today. wala sa bestbuy and sony, tapos sa futureshop lang meron and last na siya. actually when i asked the salesperson about it, someone's already looking at it but he was taking such a long time to decide. eh ako, i just asked do you have this.... nung sabing yes, sabi ko kaagad, ok i'll get it haha. nasulot ko tuloy yung last laptop haha. lucky me! poor him!

  6. haahaha! shucks! boxing day?!?! ang saya!!!