Saturday, June 12, 2010

Asheville Day 1

Blue Ridge Parkway (until Craggy Gardens only because I'm a scaredy cat) ate my garlic mushrooms and chicken meatloaf :-D
Biltmore Gardens (we'll go inside the house tomorrow)
Sunset Dinner at the Sunset Terrace in Grove Park Inn

All Photos taken with my Lumix DMC TZ5


  1. Renee, I love your attire! especially the leggings and the sexy shoes!

  2. Bwaahahaha! Glad you liked it! I can't wear skirts because of my psoriasis, so leggings back in vogue works for me! I miss you Sarah, how are you?

  3. miss you too! I'm ok naman. I'm loving the weather now .
    Hey, I want to buy leggings like that. Where do you recommend?

  4. Target has them, it's the only place I saw it