Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nanette's Non-Bridal Shower

Nanette's Non-Bridal Shower (Discovery Suites Ortigas)

Tin was in charge of the room decor (yes we customized the already cool hotel room to be way cooler) and we chose black for the occasion.
I was in charge of the food (of course)

We had massage / body spa all you can in our 3 bedroom suite, drank wine, ate chocolates and giggled until the morning.

Alice in Weddingland

After almost half a year I'm finally uploading the pictures of my mini-project - Nanette and Oliver's Wedding.

Our theme was Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and one of the things I stressed with the stylists (Flower Power) was to make sure they walk the line between kitschy and elegant. I think they absolutely did. Each table had a different theme, drink me, twiddle-deedum/twiddle-deedee, mad hatter, teacup, etc, etc. Everything was hand made and made well. You can tell they were in love with the theme too.

The food and reception is at Antonio's, they are #5 in Asia's 2010 Miele Guide. #5 in Asia, 2 numbers from Robuchon's Macau restaurant (#3). That's how good it is. We had a 6 course plated dinner (I hate buffets) and each dish was cooked perfectly. And cooked perfectly for all the guests. That's a huge feat.

The cake and mini-cake souvenirs were made by Judy Uson. It was my wedding gift for my sister (of course my gift is a food item). I firmly believe that if you hire creative's, you have to tell them what the the general idea is and then let them be. If you look at the cake and the styling you'll see I'm right ;). They just surprised us that day, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

We didn't have any video, presentations or any slideshows to make sure people mingle in the reception and they did, it was such a great crowd and everything was just heartfelt.

Congratulations Kitty-cats and Oliver ;)

For the first time I was able to resist the urge to whip out my camera and just live at the moment.
These pictures were taken by family and friends who flew from far away (we had guests from 4 continents) just to be with my sister and Oliver. Thank you. Thank you.