Saturday, October 8, 2011

Home Made Taho


I'm a taho freak.  I run with water dripping off my newly washed hair as soon as I hear the Manong Taho yelling that all too familiar mantra in the morning.  I've desperately wanted to make taho here, but all the how-to's I've read involves calcium sulfate, and I don't know where to get that (nor do I trust it).

A couple of weeks back I was eating Korean and after complimenting this Korean Lady on their tofu, she told me  that they make it from scratch everyday.  Apparently, I don't need anything else but lime :) LIME!!... LIME!!

I tried to buy soy beans (saw them on sale a month back) but they were all out this week, so I had to make do with unsweetened Soy Milk.  I think my Tofu was not as silken because the milk had Soy Lecithin (it's an emulsifier that would prevent soy curds from separating with the water) but it did taste the same as regular taho. I didn't even notice the lime at all :)

I'll continue to try and see how I can make the texture better.  But I'm already HAPPY!! HAPPY I TELL'S YA!

It was simple really.  Here's what you need:

240 ML Soy Milk.  Make sure that your Soy milk has "Non-GMO" in the ingredients list.  It means the soy wasn't genetically modified.

2-3 limes

Dash of salt


Step 1: Boil the soy milk.

Step 2: Juice the limes, and put them your container.

Step 3: Pour the hot soy milk into the container with the lime juice.

Step 4: Stir twice, yes JUST TWO TIMES! To mix the lime juice.

Step 5: The tofu curdles almost immediately.  I'm not sure how long i'm supposed to wait, but after 2 minutes I poured it over the cheesecloth.

Step 6: Scoop the soy curds up to your glass :) There will still be lots of water, but I didn't really mind (I was desperate).

Step 7: Top with brown sugar syrup :) Tapioca optional.

NOTE: If there is too much lime juice, the milk will separate TOO much, and it won't be like Taho.  If your lime is really juicy, err on the side of less lime juice.  I need to re-do the recipe and experiment on the ratio, but I say start with 1 tbsp of lime juice to cup of soy milk.

Brown Sugar Syrup

2 cups sugar

2 tbsp water

Dash of salt

2 tbsp corn syrup


Heat the sugar and water together.   Once the sugar liquefies, drop in the dash of salt and the corn syrup. 

The corn syrup should prevent it from becoming the brittle in peanut brittle (read: prevents sugar from crystallizing again.)



  1. wow thanks for posting renee! will try one time i have to get ingredients pa .. btw how much taho did this recipe make?

  2. where do i get the cheesecloth renee? can i use a strainer instead?

  3. Hindi pwede strainer Jen, yung cheesecloth sa grocery meron nun, kahit Krogers meron siguro. Or hanap ka nang wholefoods :D