Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Homemade Pork and Shrimp Dumplings

I had a craving for Xiao Long Bao and decided to try to make one at home.

But before that I needed to practice the technique for wrapping dumplings.

I used store bought dumpling wrappers - BIG MISTAKE!

So much for short cuts.  The filling was all hand made though (I ground the pork myself).

Pork and Shrimp Dumplings (version 1)

1 lb Pork Butt
1 lb Peeled Shrimp
1 Large Onion
3 Cloves Garlic
3 tbsp Chives
1 tsp Cumin (I have no special reason for adding this, just that it was in my cupboard)
2 tbsp Kosher Salt (not table salt!!)
Pepper flakes
pepper to taste
1 Egg
1 Cup flour
1 packet fresh dumpling wrappers

Sauce (just mix this all together):

1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup rice vinegar
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp Pepper flakes
1 tbsp Sugar (optional)
Pepper to taste (I think fresh grated ginger might be nice too)

Dumpling Instructions:

Chop the onion into 1 inch cubes or any size that can fit into the food grinder chute.
Mince the garlic and chives and combine with onion.
Slice the Pork Butt into 1 x 2 inch strips and season with S&P.
Season the peeled and de-veined shrimp with S&P and Cumin.
Freeze both the pork and shrimp until they're halfway to completely frozen to prep them for grinding.  If you don't freeze them partway, it'll clog your food grinder.  Kung wala kang grinder, pwede mo dalhin yung mix sa palengke hanap ka nang mag grind.  They do that for my aunts when they make large amounts of lumpia.  Any pork vendor can do that for you.

After grinding, add the egg and flour, S&P and the pepper flakes.  I would add a little brown sugar here too if I were you.  But then again my teeth are sugar whores, so don't take my word for it.

I like adding flour (in my case, oatmeal flour) to ground meat because I find it keeps the meat moist.  I once made a pure meat, meatloaf, and it was miserably dry because all the juice ran to the pan.

Anyway, once all done, mix with your hands (don't over mix!) and start stuffing the dumpling wrappers.

I did mine empanada style because I couldn't get the hang of proper dumpling wrapping.  I suspect it's also because my dumpling wrappers were store bought and the edges were a bit dry.

I'm not quite satisfied with this one and I give it just 6/10 :-/

Will try again and next time I'll make the wrappers too.

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