Monday, January 21, 2013

Of Diets and New Years

As far as crazy diets go, I follow my Hepatologist's badly photocopied list of do's and don'ts.

Here are a few:
No sodas.
No alcohol.
No pork or lamb.
No processed food.
No starch. All of it.
No cookies, cakes, corn, potatoes, pizza, bread, pasta or rice. None. 

As a known abuser of bland and tasteless carbs, I stared at the doctor (who, by the way, looked a lot like Doc Brown, wild white hair and all) and said:
"No rice?!  But, I'm Asian!" *insert look of horror here*
To which he responds with a smirk:
 "I don't care!" *insert imagined evil laugh here*
Me: "What about brown rice?!"
Doc: "No!"
Me: "Sweet potato?"

Doc: "No! None!"
Me: *wide-eyed and sits in stunned in silence*

As I read through the rest of the list, my horror grew:
No grapes or melons (of any kind)
No nuts (goodbye Kare-kare)
No dairy (goodbye Ice cream)
No egg yolks (here I think I just died, and had all sorts of food craving all at that instance)

It left me wondering if I can eat anything at all (cardboard and chalk weren't on the list, I thought)

What are the best things to eat? My eyes travel to the shorter side of the list:

Fish, Skinless chicken, Lean beef
Tofu, Broccoli and much colored veggies
Banana's, Apples
All berries
Sorbet and Dark Chocolate (only a little!)

In a nutshell: The Usual Suspects.

The last time I did this diet was 2010, and broke it for two years because of various reasons (I went home to Manila, my sister got married, I went and lived in Chicago - known foodie town), but mostly because my liver function had returned to normal.  I mean, went down to the accepted levels (I'm sure my normal, was not normal).

I've just picked it up again.

I'll post recipe's that follow the diet (but are still mucho tasty!)

As of this writing, I survived 7 days already!  Amazing!


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